Ben Mitchell : Doodles

Eden Valley Artists (EVA) are pleased to announce a new window exhibition by new emerging artist Ben Mitchell.

Ben, who lives in Edenbridge, describes his work and approach:
“My work explores the question whether or not doodles can be thought of as ‘Art’. And if so, can those doodles then be used to produce images beyond idle scribbles? Over the past three years I have been working towards developing a style that is graphically memorable and simple in design. From this style I took a further step to incorporate it into portraiture. This was because capturing character has always been a discipline that I have enjoyed and considering my view on doodles seemed the right way to go. What I have tried to achieve, for the viewer, is for them to take a closer look and be drawn in to the image. Taking in all of the smaller drawings and noticing something new each time it is viewed. To me this is a way of getting some sort of insight into the artist himself. Because surely doodling is in essence a mechanism of the self conscience and there for a part of your inner self. Whether it be scribbling away in a pile of notes at the back of a mind numbingly boring board meeting or sat on a long train journey on your way to see loved ones at Christmas.” EVA is using an empty high street window space, currently awaiting development, in the historic and rural town of Edenbridge. The building was formerly the old town cinema and more recently an antiques showroom."

Sevenoaks-based Regal Point, the developers of the empty building, kindly made available the use of the two front windows of the shop to showcase the work of the groups members and EVA related community projects and events.

The window exhibition runs until 22nd January at 67 High Street, Edenbridge.

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Image from the show

Ben Mitchell