Sonia Griffin on Recycling

Eden Valley Artists (EVA) are pleased to announce a new window exhibition by visting artist Sonia Griffin.

Sonia graduated this summer 2009 from Greenwich University. The Art Department is based at West Kent College in Tonbridge. She recycles everyday objects to create surprisingly beautiful sculptures and hangings. EVA are inviting her to exhibit as part of their aims to raise the profile of the visual arts in the Eden Valley area and to suport emerging artists.

Sonia describes her work and approach:
“I want the work to infiltrate a space; a surface and give a sense and experience that is simple and pure. In our global culture of mass consumerism, I use the everyday mass-produced, consumer objects that surround us and I re-fabricate them to alter their normal form slightly, yet still retain their value within product design. The final pieces work on more than one level, drawing you into know more of the objects that seemingly are not what they seem; not as they should be; in the wrong place; not doing what they were designed for, yet as a whole are right – realigned to one another and reformed; given a new life within an art world and no longer a life of a utility; all previous purpose removed”.

EVA is using an empty high street window space, currently awaiting development, in the historic and rural town of Edenbridge. The building was formerly the old town cinema and more recently an antiques showroom..

The window exhibition starts on Saturday 12th September and will run for 4-6 weeks at 67 High Street, Edenbridge.

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