6x7 : Edenbridge : The Meaning of Life.

What is it about?
What does living and/or working in Edenbridge mean to you? Your thoughts, writing, poetry, drawings, paintings and photographs to be sent to Eden Valley Artists on a single sided piece of paper which measures 6x7 inches landscape, no bigger or smaller. Please put your name, age and address on the reverse. Please attach a stamp if you want it returned to you. Please don't submit anything of value.

How to take part:
We will group all the submissions together to produce a piece of work all made up of each 6x7" pieces of work. Plus we will hold on Saturday 23rd May as part of the Edenbridge Festival an activity day where you can take part in producing more 6x7 pieces of work. We will be located at 67 High street and other locations in the town centre.

You can drop off your 6x7 pieces of work at the Eden Valley Museum, Edenbridge Bookshop or the town council office. There will be prizes on offer for adults and children. Keep an eye on the press - as we will announce where the final show will be held in the town.

All submissions must be in by 23rd May 2009.

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