Painting : Carol Steptowe

I am an artist who fell in love with the beauty of Nature.

I seek to capture the soul and essence of a place and delight in the fine subleties of the English landscape. I particularly enjoy painting atmospheric light conditions and wildlife in their natural settings whilst also being strongly influenced by the Norfolk landscape with its big open skies and by my recent travels around cornwall, especially the coastal scenes which I find alluring and inspiring. I paint in watercolour for its ability to produce beautiful luminous washes and more recently in oils which allow me to paint with great depth of colour.

I was born in Croydon, Surrey in 1965 and soon developed the desire to draw and paint on everything much to the dismay of my parents! During my teenage years I continued to develop my painting skills and finished my 'A' Level art qualifications a year earlier than expected. After leaving school I attended Croydon College of Art to complete a foundation course and then entered the Family business where I learnt the skilled trade of leather repairs. I continued for 17 years whilst still immersing myself in my passion to paint in my spare time and was delighted to win the winsor and Newton award at Westminster Galleries at the first S.A.A exhibition. I was also selected by the Society of Wildlife Arists to exhibit at their annual exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London.

When my Father retired I moved to Norfolk and became a self employed artist for several years, holding numerous exhibitions, teaching watercolour workshops and demonstrating for local art societies.

I returned to Kent in 2007, so that I could live closer to my Father and have since fulfilled my ambition to have a beautiful art studio built so that I can continue with my love of painting.

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Carol Steptowe
Title : Exposed beauty
Media : Acrylic
Size : 16 x 12 inches
Carol Steptowe
Title :High Summer at Padstow
Media : Watercolour
Size : 29.5 x 21.5 inches
Carol Steptowe
Title : Wave Invitation
Media : Oil
Size : 10 x 10 inches
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